I suck at bowling

I'm about to go bowling with that dude I met. I hope I don't make a total ass of myself. Last time I went bowling with a guy I accidentally threw the ball behind me and hit my date in the nuts.

Needless to say, that relationship didn't work out.


Michael said...


Well, I'm good at bowling. (I suck at every other sport, though.) The key is: try to roll the ball towards the pins. ;)


Linda S. Socha said...

Ashley...I like your blog ...It took me three years to learn to be a decent bowler...and then I thought...Why am I doing this??

Thanks for joining Psyche Connections. Your connection is appreciated

Mulled Vine said...

Well at least you had a ball, Miss Texas Cactus. :-D

Mulled Vine said...

By the way, Michael's suggestion is missing a key ingredient: let go the ball at the right time!

ash said...

Michael - Oh, I tried. I was really concentrating and everything. Me and balls just do not mix. lol.

Linda - Thank you. My blog is still sort of in an identity crisis, so I don't really know what it will turn out to be.

Mulled Vine - That's hilarious!

Michael said...

Ashley: Your reply is hilarious too.